Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Catfish Skeleton Reminder

I have been away on vacation with the fam. At the Museum of Natural History, I ran into a catfish skeleton, so I had my lovely bride Heather take a picture, in lieu of breaking the glass case and committing a crime. I'd take a vacation in the South for sure if someone would take me noodling. I even had takeout catfish nuggets for dinner one night. They were all right.

Stories and more edificational posts coming this week. Here's a travel tip for you: don't drive to DC from Boston. Just don't.


Susan at Stony River said...

Love that hat/shorts combo; great fish too.

My family used to live in Maryland; my sister lived near Boston. Every four or five years we'd make that trip to go see her.

I loved my sister, but you're right: it's a DON'T.

EditorMule said...

Nothing beats noodling on a hot southern summer day. Phoebe Kate and I will take you noodling, come on down the ass-end of the Great Dismal.
We promise very little traffic, lots of mosquitoes, great food, and more humidity than you can shake a stick at...