Saturday, November 22, 2008

Redneck White Trash Cheater Cheater

This is the most chipper song I've ever heard about adultery.

It's also interesting to note who exactly gets the moniker 'white trash ho.' It's not enough, in this song, to call your man's girlfriend a ho. You have to add 'white-trash' as an adjective, making the woman even lower than low, like effluents or road pizza or an inhabitant of either wing (right or left). Yet she has no term of equal approbation for the cheater. I find that curious. Does she, uh, want to keep him? Is it a case of till death do we part, and I've got my gun to hasten the process, asshole? I just don't know.

Makes cheating seem all happy and stuff. And Naomi Judd at the end. Just too precious.

Let's find out.Which do you prefer, people? Where on the scale of acceptable reduction and name-calling do you find redneck and white trash and flatlander [where I grew up, that was the name; or 'people from Jersey' (not to put too fine a point on that lovely state which, according to many people from PA, ought to be cut off with NY to float out into the Atlantic)?] Are there other, even more reductive terms you can find to refer to white people of a certain social, income or residential status? We sure know all the ones for people of different race.

It's still OK to call people white trash in popular culture. Listen for it some time; it may surprise you how often it comes up.

I'm editing a new story right now for the site. I'd hope to get it up this week, but more likely Tuesday or later.


maggie said...

i kind get my back up over "hillbilly."


Rusty said...

Hillbilly is an old one, yeah. I get pricky about the phrase trailer trash even though I've never lived in a trailer. So many people I know/knew do.